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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Well, as we are entering into the 100 days of summer I have decided to take on a new project in my "spare time". This project will be to each day bake a different dessert and then post what I have created and also mention a wine that I think will accompany the dessert nicely. The wines will either be available at the shop or will be easily ordered in and the desserts will also be available at the Buzz for a day or a couple of days.

My first creation was a classic Coke Cake. This is a very rich but surprisingly simple chocolate cake. The Coca~Cola yeilds a moist but airy cake. The frosting is a boiled frosting that is put on while the cake is still hot so it acts as a glaze with chopped nuts as an additional treat.

The X winery recently released their 2008 red blend. This has a slightly darker flavor profile than the previous vintage. This wine is readily available at the Buzz, and retails at $14.00. For an enjoyable summer BBQ I would recommend this wine and this classic cake.

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