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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ok. Well I did not submit anything yesterday, hoever, I believe that I have a legitimate reason....7 11 year old girls at my home for a sleepover. They were there to celebrate Bailey's birthday and they needed a little more interaction and supervision that I had imagined. Per Bailey though, it was the best sleepover ever and "you rock mom"

For the daily dessert on Friday I kept it simple, butter recipe cupcakes (Texas sized) with either chocolate or vanilla frosting. I decorated the cupcakes with large 'stars' of frosting and then let the girls go at it with sprinkles and jimmies. I have to admit they were far more colorful than I would have made them if I did it myself.

Saturday I make sugarcookie pops in the shape of Mickey Mouse heads. They sure did tast good but they only looked like Mickey if you squinted and looked away really quickly. I will have to evaluate my Disney decorating skills as the summer progresses, but at this time we will just have to eat them and not look too hard or too critically at them prior to consuming.

I would go with Zonin Asti Spumante ($13) with these. This is sweet and light and since these desserts were made for Bailey's Birthday I will defer to her sweet and light demenor. Actually, the Asti with a cup of really good Buzz coffee would probably have served me better for dessert with the company I was keeping.

As always not sure what tomarrow will bring as I have a pretty full day, I am going to look online for an easy dessert for Sunday as I am working Saturday and Sunday nights. Take care.

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