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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Good Evening...Today I gave Tommy a break from the shop and went and worked at the Buzz this afternoon. I need to figure out how to be able to do that all the time instead of the insane life I am leading at this current time.

Had a great day and enjoyed myself, I do have to say that Steve was there and walked me through the things I did not do as well as the rest of the staff. While I was "working" Tommy and Paul did a Sake tasting, if you like Sake watch for fun things to come, they have big plans. Buddy and I then did some shopping before his boy scout meeting. By the way, apparently they had a manners test at scouts and my son started laughing at the table so he Failed!! He says not to concerned because when he is with people that know how to behave he behaves it is only with his own kind he goofs off. So I am going to contemplate this before I strangle him.

Today's dessert was requested by my own Tommy, cherry cobbler, but I did apple also because I like that better. It is an old family recipe that we use and it is very simple to make and great to eat. I am going to have some before I go to bed tonight.

I think that cobbler would go really well with a lighter side Merlot, tonight my choice is going to be the Killer Bee Merlot. We do this as a house pour at the Buzz, but we also sell it by the bottle for $11. It is a lighter end merlot; perfect for cobbler or by itself in the afternoon.

P.S. Amy says she likes the cashew cake the best so far.

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