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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cashew Cake

Cashew Cake turned out fantastic. This is a recipe that I had not tried before but I altered the recipe before I even made it, partially because I was in the mood for cashews and not hazelnut but also because that is what I had readily available. Could it be that the reason I was in the mood for cashews is because I was too lazy to go and buy hazelnuts?

It is not nearly as sweet as the cake from yesterday (Amy said that the Coke cake was a little too sweet and too rich for her, but I don't know if cake can ever be 'too' rich or 'too' sweet) but still has a little chocolate to it. I see a trend starting and I will have to do something without chocolate tomorrow, or invite my good friend Sue over.

The cake itself is very dense and a drier style cake with a bittersweet chocolate glaze over the top. It turned out very well which was no slight accomplishment considering it was a normal day for work from the hospital a little late 0800, got Boo off to school, slept about 4.5 hours met Buddy after he got out of school, picked out a recipe, ran to the store, baked the cakes, back to the hospital at 1600 and taught a class until 2100, home at 2130, saw the kids, kids to bed, ate dinner, glazed the cakes, devoured a slice, visited with Tommy, and now am writing about the cake.

While I am writing this I am trying to envision which wine I would like to try with the cake. Hmmmm, I think the Zonin Primitivo ($20.00). This is a genetic ancestor of Zinfandel but to me has a little more earthy flavor profile than a California Zinfandel. I will have to try it together tomorrow but for now I think that I will go to bed and dream about this interesting combination and how much I will enjoy it tomorrow.

I am going to try and get the pictures in to go with the recipes tomorrow, this will not be an easy task as I am still learning how to Blog and utilize the technology. But I guess learning is what the summer projects are all about.

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