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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Okay, well I have been very diligent about making the desserts just not as diligent about telling everyone about them so I will catch up on Monday, Tuesday, and the plan for Wednesday.

Monday I worked until 0700 then came home slept for a total of 3 hours, before being a good mom I went to the 5th grade celebration (type of graduation) events at Boo's school. Very long and drawn out...really, it's 5th grade no one got a doctorate or a Noble peace prize. Anyway then went to the store to pick up a few things for the wine club dinners this month. when I got home I attempted to make a jelly roll ice-cream cake....Failure...I will still need to practice. The kid's will eat it but it is most certainly a failure.

Slept like a baby Monday night, which is a good thing because Tuesday was wine club dinner nite. Big success, I used the dessert from the dinner to be my dessert for the day. Apparently it was tasty as it is now all gone and I did not even get to try it, it was pretty though.

Wednesday another dinner so I am remaking the dessert from Tuesday for that, but according to the rules of my summer project that does not count. So I am filling miniature chocolate cups with a BBavarian cream filling and topping them with fresh strawberries. This will be my treat to myself once I get home.

So now the next focus wines to pair with the desserts. The ice cream cake just needs a good wine to replace the dessert. I would say lets go all out on this one and have Travalini Gattinara ($36) This is nebbiolo at its finest and would not hesitate to drown out a bed dessert. Maybe I'll keep a bottle in the cellar in case someone stops over for dinner and my dessert fails. With the Strawberry and Chocolate Trifle I paired it with Zuccardi Q Tempernillo ($20). I did not taste them together but was informed it was a match made in heaven so for that I will settle. Tonight with my after wine dinner self indulgence I am going to have Riscal Tempernillo ($12) and the big seller at the dinner last night, it drinks like a much more expensive wine and has that phenomenal Spanish taste.

I'll let everyone know my personal indulgence fares.

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